We all know how important it is to have regular preventive checkups to maintain our health, but rarely think about how our home comfort systems can benefit from AC maintenance. In our hot Phoenix climate, regular air conditioning service is pivotal to getting the best performance from your cooling equipment. Cluff Mechanical provides West Valley homeowners with expert AC maintenance that will make your home comfort system work better and last longer.

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Seasonal AC Maintenance for Increased Comfort

Longer Lasting System  Seasonal air conditioning service will keep your cooling system in good working condition for up to 40% longer than if you do nothing.

Lower Energy Bills  Regular AC maintenance from Cluff Mechanical can reduce your air conditioner’s energy usage by 10%-20%.

Fewer Repairs  By performing seasonal air conditioning service, Cluff will diagnose and fix small problems before they become expensive repairs.

Cluff Mechanical offers convenient annual maintenance plans that make scheduling easy. Sign up for one of our maintenance plans to enjoy exclusive service benefits you can only get from us.

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